The Company

Private &Consulting Sim is a professional financial advisory firm established in 2008 and 98,52% owned by Private & Consulting Spa, holding of the Network Private & Consulting. On 25 August 2009 the company was authorizedby Consob to manage  financial advisory services  (art.1 comma 5, of decr. Lgsl. 24 February 1998, n. 58 lett. f) and was added at the number 266 of the Sim Register.

Professional consultancy activities of Private & Consulting SIM are payed directly and exclusively by the customer; no inducement from third parties are allowed. The company don’t receive direct or indirect compensation originated by the purchase or the sale of any financial product. Without prejudice to specific agreements with clients, the company normally doesn’t charge performance fees, to avoid any inducement  to increase investments risks.

Private & Consulting SIM major aim is to reach two specific purposes: on one hand the risk-return profile is optimized managing the financial risks end minimizing the management fees;  on the other, particular attention is focused on  asset protection, keeping well balanced  investments during all market trends.