Frequently Asked Questions


What is a special financial advisory firm? A special financial advisory firm is a subject, approved by Consob and Banca d’Italia, with the “financial advisory on investments matter” as only possible business.

What is the fee only approach? In the fee only approach, picked on P&C SIM, the only remuneration is provided by client fees, with the goal of maintain the advisory services out of conflict of interests.

To receive the advisory service, is necessary changing the bank account? P&C SIM allows selecting the preferred financial institution, as the company can not keep, even temporary, the client assets and has no benefits originated by third party deposits or brokerage activity. 

Which elements characterize the advisory service? The main benefits that P&C SIM delivers to clients are the independent analysis, the global investment strategy and the continuous monitoring of portfolio risks.    

How are determined the investment advices? The non constricting advices are set up by the Advisory Team with the client collaboration in order to consider his purposes, market opportunities and asset allocation strategic targets.